What You Need To Know

The electronic cigarette craze has opened up a new world of possibilities for smokers. Many are using this tool as a way to kick their old habit of smoking tobacco. They believe that this new trend is healthier and safer while still being similar enough for transitions to be smooth and painless. It’s only health reasons which are attracting people to e-cigs. Users say they actually enjoy it, especially the technical innovations that come with new devices and the variety that you get from e-liquids. These flavored juices come in small bottles but they pack a big punch, lasting hundreds of puffs per milliliter.

The Base

E-liquids are poured into electronic cigarettes where they are heated up until they turn into vapor. This can then be inhaled by the user much like they used to when smoking. The feel is similar as the vapor hits the lungs and is exhaled through the nose or mouth. The main component of these is called the base, usually composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The former is odorless and tasteless which ensures that the flavor will not be affected by it. The downside is that it can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitivities. The latter is a bit sweet and is much thicker but it doesn’t trigger allergies and it can produce more vapor. Sometimes, the propylene glycol is left out with only glycerin being mixed with water.

The Flavors

There are thousands of flavors to choose from today. This is what makes things exciting for a lot of people. It is possible to finish a bottle every single day for several years and never repeat a flavor. They scour the Internet for new products and try them out to see which ones they like. These are affordable enough that you can purchase several bottles without feeling guilty. They are called e-juices sometimes because a lot of the flavors taste like fruits. There’s apple, lemon, orange, banana, grapes, strawberry, mango, and so on. There’s also mint, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and others that will remind you of dessert. The top e-juices get reviewed by aficionados so check them out for ideas on your next purchase.

Nicotine Content

One of the things that make smoking hard to quit is the presence of nicotine in the cigarette sticks. It is highly addictive, making smokers dependent on the substance. They can feel anxious if they try to abstain for a long time. A lot of e-liquids contain nicotine in various concentrations. Those who wish to quit can reduce their dependence on nicotine gradually to let their bodies adapt. For instance, the maximum concentration set by the EU is 20 mg/mL. People can start from this then drop to 18, 15, 10 and so on until they no longer feel the urge to get a nicotine hit.


Be careful which brand you buy. There are manufacturers of e-liquids all over the world but only a few adhere to high standards when making their products. Most countries don’t even have any standards set for this type of activity given its relatively recent entry into the market. In the US, the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association was formed to ensure high product quality and consumer safety. The standards agreed upon cover sanitation, packaging, labeling, ingredients, and nicotine content.


Studies have raised concerns about e-cigs and e-liquids as the presence of undesirable substances have been detected in the vapor. These include metals in amounts that exceed acceptable levels. The measurements differ in these studies which point to the possibility that the source of the samples has a profound influence on the outcome. Opt for trusted brands that adhere to strict standards to be on the safe side. It has also been noted that a lot of the top e-juices contain nicotine with only a single digit percentage of products being free of the substance. Read the label before purchase.


Governments are slowly waking up to the reality of this e-cig trend. Many are considering regulations on related products but very few have been implemented for now. The regulation of e-liquids is still being debated in a lot of countries so for now, most people can purchase any product freely. The FDA is starting to require premarket authorization and it is interesting to see the effects of this in the years to come.